These 1990s vehicles are hot on the collectible car market

Sorry if this makes you feel old, but some cars from the 1990s are now considered classics.

Want proof ?

Look no further than the collectible car market, where interest in certain ‘90s vehicles is soaring.

Don’t get too excited yet.

That old Ford Taurus gathering dust in your garage isn’t worth much. Neither is the Chevrolet Corsica rusting in the driveway. But the Cadillac Eldorado, Toyota Supra and Lincoln Town Car you’ve been holding on to just might be worth something.

Chalk it up to nostalgic millennials, who are interested in the cars they grew up around, as well as older buyers looking for a more affordable classic ride than the hot-rods from the 1950s and 1960s, said John Wiley, manager of valuation analytics for classic car insurer Hagerty.

There’s another practical benefit: In many states, cars from the ‘90s can now get collector car license plates, which come

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Where to Find Collectible Corgi Toys From the 1960’s

There are many places to find collectible diecast models, one of the most obvious will be on auction sites such as eBay. Here you will find thousands of models from all over the world, some in mint boxed condition & some in a playworn condition.

Some collectors will only buy the best model they can find & the better the condition the more valuable the item. Mint boxed examples will always be more valuable & the box alone can fetch a very high price, another important point to remember is to find a model that is complete with any extras such as a driver or spare wheel, also any inner packaging or leaflets will make your model a sound investment, the more complete & original the more valuable your find.

As well as auction sites another great place to find collectible models are toy fairs, these are held throughout the … Read More

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