Collecting Cars Doesn’t Always Require An Open Wallet, Just An Open Mind

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Car collecting isn’t just a millionaire’s game!

Is car collecting a rich man’s game? Usually, but that’s not the other path to starting a car collection. According to one expert, Charles Palmer, chairman of Alyth-based Classic Restorations, the key is to car collecting, in order to get a valuable automobile, is working your way up and trading up.

The 81-year-old collector started as an apprentice at Fearns Garage in Kirriemuir in 1954, founded Classic Restorations Scotland in 1985. The business has since had a sizable scale, and he offers that “Despite the current economic climate and Covid-19, we are finding that more people are investing in classic cars,” Palmer continues, “Since we reopened after lockdown, we have had around 15 new clients bring their classic car to us for work.”

Graeme Johnstone, who joined the Alyth business in 2018, noted tha the types

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Tips on Collecting Pie Funnels

The pie funnel, also known as pie ventilator or pie bird, as the Americans like to call it, is a late Victorian utensil. They were designed to prevent the juices spilling onto the pastry or the floor of the oven and also to support the pie crust and stop it from sagging.

The first recorded pie funnel was manufactured in 1880 by Dean and Morris and it was made in three sizes. Since then 44 different patents and registered designs have been recorded in Britain and many of these can still be bought today. One of the earliest recorded figures was a blackbird, registered in 1933 in Australia by Grace Seccombe as a Pie Crust Lifter. A J Wilkinson (Clarice Cliff) registered a blackbird funnel design in 1936 and many of these were produced, including the all white wartime version – some were stamped Wilkinson, Newport Pottery or, later, Midwinter.… Read More

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Collecting Model Cars In Person

When it comes to collecting things, most people make the bulk of their purchases online, especially if they are looking for specifics. Why waste time going to a store when you can enter in the exact thing that you want and see where it’s available and the price you’d have to pay? It’s certainly easier to get the instant gratification of the internet rather than go to a physical location only to be disappointed right?

Well not necessarily. Even expert collectors who are looking for that one item, such as a diecast model car, can get benefits from going into shops and stores. For one thing, you get to expand your collection and walk out with the item on the same day you buy it. There’s something about seeing the physical item you want fully available to touch and hold, and just like in the movies, the angel choir sings … Read More

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Hot Wheels Collecting Tips

Collecting Hot Wheels cars is an easy and fairly inexpensive hobby. Here are some collecting tips to get you on your way with this ever growing hobby of die-cast cars.

* Keep abreast of upcoming special collector days at your neighborhood K-Mart or Wal-Mart stores in your area.

* Search the online auctions or collector’s web sites for cars you may be missing from your current collection.

* Purchase trade books and magazines to stay on top of the value of each car.

* Begin with the latest releases if you are just starting out. Most newer Hot Wheels will not be too difficult to find and you can keep track of your collection with a Mattel Hot Wheels checklist.

* Find all the cars released in the latest years First Editions Series or Treasure Hunt Series limited editions. There are also 12 Final Run retiring models each year; these … Read More

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Collecting Vintage Poster Art

Collecting vintage posters has become very popular, and the reason for this is because there are only a very few genuine vintage posters available in today’s market. Many vintage posters come with a very expensive price tag while others you can find at a reasonably low price, depending on popularity and the genre. Here are some things that may help you when you begin collecting vintage poster art.

Modernism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Symbolism are examples of period art. Posters also come is various sizes, designs and subject matter. There are also many different types of posters such as western genre posters, vintage movie posters, military posters, advertisements and political posters. The list goes on and on but choose what interests you the most and enjoy what you are doing.

When collecting vintage posters you will find that some are more collectible than others. World War II posters and … Read More

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Collecting American Military Swords

The most popular collectible of all American arms are presentation swords which were awards of honor and not intended for combat. Many of these swords are decorated with gold and silver with elaborately etched blades. Also cherished are swords that officers had custom made for themselves, in many cases beautifully crafted of costly materials. Some collectors specialize in swords made by a particular sword maker, such as Nathan P. Ames of Springfield, MA. Ames made swords in the late 1800s. Other collectors concentrate on weapons of one period. The Civil War is the most popular.

Collectors of American Military Swords generally group swords according to the wars in which they might have been used, the Revolution, the war of 1812, the Mexican War of 1846-1848 and the Civil War. Swords of the Revolutionary period can be the most valuable.

Very few American swords made prior to the Revolution were made … Read More

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