Milestone mileage: My car will soon hit 200,000 | Columns

My 16-year-old car is about to hit a milestone.

It will soon be at the 200,000-mile point of its existence. As I write this column my car is only about 120 miles away from hitting 200,000 miles. That is a big deal.

My Toyota Corolla has been a great car. I have only had to put it in the shop one time in nine years. That is an impressive run for a car.

Since my car has been so reliable, I think I should do something special for it when it hits 200,000 miles. I could start by cleaning my car. It has been awhile since I gave my car a good vacuuming and wash. Maybe I could take it to that new car wash that is under construction in New Albany on Park Plaza Drive.

I am over 6 feet tall, so some people might think a compact car

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