What’s new with Futures Command’s auto-loader tech?

Video: What’s new with Futures Command’s auto-loader tech?

Brig. Gen. John Rafferty of U.S. Army Futures Command provides an update on auto-loaders for long-range fires capabilities.

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    Waze 101: Using the App with Voice Commands on Android Auto and CarPlay

    Including Google Assistant, that is, which is now available in English on Android and iPhone (and also on Android Auto and CarPlay).

    In other words, thanks to Google Assistant integration, you can control Waze using nothing more than your voice.

    First and foremost, if you use Waze as a navigation solution and you don’t care about reports (although you should really do because that’s its main purpose), you can just tell Google Assistant to “navigate to [address]” to configure the app to a specific destination. On the other hand, if you already defined your home and work addresses in Waze, you can just tell the assistant to “take me home” or “drive to work.

    In case you want a different route, the “show alternative routes” command should come in handy. You can also say “show route overview” or “show

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