Tesla ’10 years ahead’ of competition, says auto-manufacturing expert

  • Tesla’s manufacturing has improved by large magnitudes from the days of “production hell,” one expert says. 
  • Sandy Munro, one of the foremost experts on vehicle teardowns and cost analysis, says the Model Y is the first electric vehicle he’s ever recommended. 
  • The company improves because it constantly evolves its design, something that’s helped it get a decade up on the competition, Munro said in an interview. 
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It’s been years since Elon Musk was famously sleeping at Tesla’s factory amid “production hell.”

And in the time since, things have improved so much that Tesla is now a full decade ahead of the competition, according to one manufacturing expert.

“I don’t think they really quite understood or grasped the concept of making cars at production speeds,” Sandy Munro, well-known for his cost analysis teardowns of cars, told a conference hosted by Bernstein last week.


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BMW M8 Coupe M8 Competition 2dr Step Auto [Ultimate Pack] Lease Deals

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Used Automobile Dealers Facing Tough Market Amid New Car Competition

Years ago, it appeared that purchasing a used automobile was a prudent and practical thing to do because it was much more affordable compared to acquiring a brand new vehicle. Fast forward to 2013, industry experts concur that used car dealerships are having a difficult time in this market as potential car owners are shifting towards new rather than used.

Speaking with The Nation in September, Somchai Trakulpirom, general manager of Master Certified Used Cars, noted that the used car industry needs to make adjustments in its business model and provide better offers than what is presently being offered by their counterparts.

The difficult market, for instance, is suggesting that consumers are buying because of the attractive promotions that are being listed, such as zero down payment, low interest, inexpensive bi-weekly or monthly payments and other special promotions – stronger offers are even expected as dealerships attempt to clear out … Read More

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Competition in the Mobile Car Wash Industry

We have all seen the mobile washing units cruising our city, usually they are trucks, vans or trailer set ups with a water tank and a pressure washer unit aboard. They market their services with flyers and business cards, however most of their business comes from weekly repeats and referrals. Some cities have hundreds of these units going around the city cleaning stuff. You may think what a great business, but like in any business there is a competitive component to the industry, which is not so obvious on first observation.

A typical car wash competitor is a one man operation with no room in their truck, van or trailer for a hot water pressure washer; steam/cleaner pressure washer. Many of the smaller outfits have simply put a Home Depot Pressure washer on their truck or trailer and hooked up a plastic water tank to it. Chances are they may … Read More

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