Facebook post places Jewish leader’s photo next to Hitler

A social media post has been labelled “vicious” and “nasty” after a photo of Hitler was placed next to one of a prominent Jewish community leader.

The Facebook post was uploaded on Saturday by Perth-based auction house JB Military Antiques along with an article that raised concerns over a large amount of Nazi memorabilia that it had listed for sale.

A photo of Anti-Defamation Commission chairman and Jewish community leader Dr Dvir Abramovich, who had condemned the auction of at least 23 Nazi items and more than 130 other German World War II military artefacts, was posted alongside one of Hitler.

Dr Abramovich said the social media post was an “ugly, nasty and hateful slur” that was inciting personal abuse and giving people a space to spew vitriol against him.

JB Military Antiques owner and auctioneer Jamey Blewitt said the pictures were not intended to discredit Dr Abramovich or associate

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Stranger lists Auckland man’s car for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Auckland man Tony Bing only found out his 2008 BMW was being sold on Facebook by a stranger, when a buyer contacted him offering a significantly lower price than he had asked in his Trade Me listing.

Bing’s Trade Me listing was copied and posted by a profile claiming to be a car reseller, who listed the car as his own for less than half the price. The Facebook Marketplace seller’s account was created last week, under the name Amrit Patel.

“The buyer contacted me wanting to negotiate the price down to $6000, which got me a bit confused because I had listed it on Trade Me for $15,000. I eventually figured out the buyer was referring to a Facebook listing which I had no idea about,” Bing said.

Bing said he contacted the police, Netsafe and alerted Facebook on Saturday, but on Wednesday morning, the Facebook Marketplace listing was

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