Why Did Autoquake Fail?

There were rumblings in the trade since February that Autoquake were struggling. They have subsequently gone into Administration, and what was worth salvaging was last week purchased for £350,000 from the receiver by Carshop. Who are one of the companies in the trade that appear to be getting stronger through good practise.

So What could have gone wrong? I remember the first time I came across Autoquake, I believe it would have been about 2004/05. All I know is I found three of my sales staff huddled around a computer looking at Autoquake listings on eBay. It would be a bit much to say in disbelief, but they were all aware that on price this crowd were hammering us. What they were looking at was very interesting and I spent the rest of the day going through their stock and website and could see they had a good Idea presented … Read More

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