The Number One Android Auto Music App Failing with Mysterious Error

Spotify has become the preferred choice for the music listening experience behind the wheel, but like the rest of the apps on Android Auto, it could also come across various issues totally out of the blue.

This is what’s happening right now for some users who turned to Google’s forums to report the whole thing, as Spotify just fails to load and the only thing that it displays is an error which is as generic as it is mysterious because it just points to the obvious.

Spotify doesn’t seem to be working” or “There’s a problem with Spotify” is the message that shows up on the screen, and right now, it’s not really clear what’s causing the problem and how it can be fixed.

Interestingly, while some claim that switching from Android Auto to Bluetooth restores the typical behavior of the app and therefore allows them

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After Failing in Mobile, BlackBerry Wants to Conquer the Automotive World

While the Canadians are now working on another “modern” Android device with a QWERTY keyboard, the company is also trying to explore other markets, including the automotive one.

What BlackBerry wants to do is compete against the likes of Android and Linux to power the driving experience on electric vehicles, so most recently, it signed a deal with Desay SV Automotive to build the autonomous driving domain controller for the Xpeng P7 built by Xpeng Motors.

In other words, BlackBerry will bring in the necessary operating system, Desay will contribute with the automatic driving control unit, called IPU-03, and together they plan to offer a unique driving experience in the Chinese electric vehicle.

One of the best things about QNX is that it’s fully focused on security, something that has been part of BlackBerry’s DNA for many years already.

At a time when cars are getting smarter thanks to the

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