Roger Falcione Helps Car Collectors’ Dreams Come True

It wasn’t enough, Roger Falcione thought, just to buy an old car. You had to be passionate about the car. You had to be willing to compete for it.

“That was a lot easier to do before the pandemic,” said Falcione, founder and CEO of the Phoenix-based Collector Car Network. “So now we’ve got a new service called”

An offshoot of Falcione’s, the new site offers a virtual auction where you can beat out others who are after the same 1972 Dodge Challenger T/A Coupe you’ve coveted since high school.

Falcione started his first company — a website devoted to auto racing — in Boston two decades ago, then sold it to a fellow in Arizona. His wife liked the weather here, so the Falciones settled in the Valley where, he explained, he “dabbled in stuff” for a while. The sound of revving engines called to him, though.

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