Fixter urges motorists to book-in MOT tests fast to avoid huge extension backlog and pre-Winter demand spike

A Fixter study, conducted across its network of independent garages, reveals that 75% of garages are experiencing a surge in demand for MOT bookings for October, November and December compared to normal year-on-year trends. Meanwhile, 45% of garages admit they are having to make customers wait longer than usual to book their cars in. To compound the issue associated with the MOT backlog, 70% of garages have experienced issues with increasing costs as well as delivery and sourcing issues of general parts such as tyres and brakes.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), 9.58 million vehicles got an exemption via the six-month government extension. As of 21st September 2020, 58.7% of those cars have yet to have an MOT. Instead of the typical 6.5 million MOTs expiring in October, November and December combined, it is now predicted there will be a colossal 10.4 million MOT expiries

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How Sofia Coppola shot her Fast & Furious fantasy with Bill Murray in a convertible

Around the Table with ‘The Virgin Suicides’

The cast and director of The Virgin Suicides discuss the making of the film.

If, from inside the warm confines of a darkened megaplex playing the latest Fast & Furious sequel, you’ve ever leaned over to your best dudefriend during a wild chase scene and gently whispered, “Bro, I would like to see Sofia Coppola do this someday,” On the Rocks has just the scene for you!

Around halfway through her new comedy, the writer-director does something she’s never attempted before, and flexes her inner Michael Bay muscles (well, not quite, but you get the idea) over a scene that sees stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones careening through the streets of New York City in a red vintage Alfa Romeo convertible. It’s a remarkably kinetic scene for a director best known for telling poignant stories through silent gestures, and Coppola tells

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Retail Bottoms Out While The Automotive Industry Fast Tracks

Why have the auto industry and dealerships been able to pivot and retail has not?

Thinking back to before COVID-19, I think it’s safe to say that car-buying was maybe one of the most archaic experiences around. 

While much of retail became more digital in the last two decades, with the exception of being able to search for cars online, car buying for the most part was still largely done “old school:” in-person, from shopping to test-driving to financing.

At the onset of the pandemic, many car dealerships closed and car buying went on a hiatus, forcing the hand of many dealers who had been slow to integrate digital options for customers. A McKinsey report found that in April, in the U.S., car buying plummeted 47 percent. 

However, in the months that followed, cars began to matter

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How Car Salesmen Can Get Unlimited Free Auto Sales Leads Fast

It is not that hard to get unlimited free automotive leads if you do it the right way and know what you are doing. With hundreds of millions of Google searches for cars and trucks every month, you now have the ability to quickly and easily make contact with many prospects.

Get Your Information Out There

You can reach thousands of prospects each month if you put your contact information in front of them when they are searching for a motor vehicle to buy. This means you have to find a way to get your contact information shown on the pages where they are looking, instead of your competitors’ information. When they see your name instead of theirs they will call you or stop by and see you instead of the competition.

Due to search engine changes in 2011, you can now dominate your local search market for new and … Read More

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Shelby – American Fast Car

There have been few people on this planet that have made such an impact on the automotive racing and design world than legend Carroll Shelby. Now well into his 80’s, Carroll continues fueling his passion for high performance automobiles. Carroll Shelby starting out racing back in the 1950’s and he was hooked from that point on. After retiring from the racing scene in 1959, he took his passion for high performance and turned it to building cars under the Shelby American name.

The first incredibly successful car built was the AC Cobra, which remains one of the most sought after vehicles ever produced. To build this car Carroll Shelby took the British AC Ace and combined it with a Ford V8 engine to produce a fast little convertible roadster. Although at the time, the Shelby Cobra was not a financially viable car to produce, it Only 1003 Shelby Cobra’s were … Read More

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Rent the Fast and the Furious Exotic Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Are you ready to get fast and furious? Come on and let’s get ready for the ride! The Chevrolet Chevelle SS gained fame as one of the cars that raced and zoomed past the screens in the 2001 car film, “The Fast and The Furious.” A staple addition to on-screen rides, the Chevrolet Chevelle SS is also featured in a lot of movies such as Bad Boys 2, War, Speed Demon, and Remember the Titans.

Being featured in a lot of Hollywood movies has gotten the interest of a lot of car lovers for the Chevrolet Chevelle SS. The history of this classic car, the Chevrolet Chevelle SS, dates back to 1964-65. At this time, this classic car was introduced as Chevrolet’s entry into the mid-size muscle car battle. Its rivals included General Motors’ Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, Pontiac Tempest GTO, and the Buick Skylark Gran Sport. Muscle cars were never … Read More

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