Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition On Road Price (Petrol), Features & Specs, Images

Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition Latest Updates

Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition Prices: The price of the Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition in New Delhi is Rs 44.90 Lakh (Ex-showroom). To know more about the Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition Images, Reviews, Offers & other details, download the CarDekho App.

Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition mileage : It returns a certified mileage of 16.7 kmpl.

Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition Colours: This variant is available in 14 colours: Chili Red, Starlight Blue, British Racing Green, Pepper White, Melting Silver Metallic, Emerald Grey, Solaris Orange, Midnight black, Caribbean Aqua, Moonwalk Grey, Electric Blue, Thunder Grey Metallic, White Silver Metallic and Lapisluxury Blue.

Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk Edition Engine and Transmission: It is powered by a 1998 cc engine which is available with a Automatic transmission. The 1998 cc engine puts out 189bhp of power and 280Nm of torque.

Mini Cooper Convertible Sidewalk

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New Safety Features in Cars (or Just New to You)

Advanced automobile safety used to involve a buckled seatbelt, a hopeful glance at the St. Christopher medal on your rearview mirror and faith in your car’s crumple zones. Today, there’s a blizzard of technologies protecting people inside and outside the vehicle. So many, in fact, you may not even know all of the systems packed into your own car.

Autos built over the last 12 years (the average vehicle age these days) are stuffed with safety features we’ve forgotten about. Chances are electronic stability control has saved your bacon by pulsing the brakes on individual wheels to improve handling and prevent rollovers. Traction control helps to eliminate uncontrolled wheel spin on slick surfaces. Antilock brakes shorten stopping distances and add control. Rearview-camera monitors reveal small children hidden behind your car. All are mandatory in modern cars.

And then there is the more advanced tech. For example, an acquaintance who was

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Amazon’s newest gift guide features lots of car-related toys

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 is still several days away (October 13th and 14th) so the best deals are yet to come but in preparation for the two-day main event the e-tailer has launched gift guides to pique our interest – the Home Holiday Guide, Holiday Electronics Gift Guide, Holiday Toys List, Fashion Gift Guide, and Beauty Gift Guide. We searched all of Amazon’s gift guides (spoiler alert – we didn’t find anything auto-related in the beauty guide so we’ll just defer to the experts for that one) to curate an automotive-themed list of our favorite gift ideas and some of the best pre-Prime Day deals. 

Within Amazon’s Holiday Toy list you can search for gift ideas by age group or you can shop by

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These New Auto Safety Features Will Surprise You

Your car knows more than you think. Like when you’re about to rear-end the vehicle in front of you. Or when you’re close to colliding with another car in the parking lot. Or when you’re too tired to drive.

Yes, too tired.

On a recent road trip, my Volvo XC-90 calmly informed me I was too fatigued to continue driving. It even suggested a hotel where I could stop for the night. How thoughtful.

The Volvo features are part of a suite of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) — and they have legions of fans. Zach Shefska, also an XC-90 driver, is among them. ADAS has saved his hide a time or two.

“There were times when I simply did not see another car while making a

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The 2021 BMW 4-Series Features and Price

  • 2021 BMW 4-Series Convertible will start at $54,095
  • A mild hybrid system is standard on six-cylinder-powered models
  • Expected to hit dealers in March 2021

    Following the reveal of the M3 sedan and the M4 coupe, BMW is showing off the latest-generation 4-Series Convertible. While it might be hard to believe, this is only the second generation of the 4-Series Convertible since it was spun off the 3-Series lineup in 2013. For 2021, BMW aggressively restyled the 4-Series, added some oomph and expanded its technical powers with extra tech.

    As you’d expect, the changes follow its fixed-top counterpart that debuted earlier this year. The powertrains, for example, are exactly the same. Base 430i badged cars move along by way of a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four-cylinder engine making 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Stepping up to 440i badged convertibles you find BMW’s beloved B58 inline-six. For those that don’t speak BMW,

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    Ring Delivers the Future of Whole-Home Security with Innovative Home and Auto Devices and Enhanced Privacy & Security Features such as End-to-End Encryption

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ring, whose mission is to make neighborhoods safer, today introduced new industry-leading security solutions designed to meet the needs of neighbors everywhere. New devices and features include security devices that protect users’ cars at home and on the road; Ring Always Home Cam, an autonomously flying indoor camera letting users see what’s happening throughout their homes in real-time; and Ring Mailbox Sensor, which alerts users when their mailbox has been opened. The company also announced it is bringing video End-to-End Encryption to its security cameras, becoming one of the first major home security providers to do so.

    Ring of Security for Cars

    For many, cars are extremely valuable; yet in 2018, nearly $8 billion was lost nationwide to motor vehicle theft according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation(1,2). Today, Ring introduced three new security products for the car—Ring Car Alarm, Ring Car Cam,

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    Ring Car Cam and Car Alarm: Price, release date, features and more

    Amazon is going all in on car security. The company announced three Ring-branded devices for cars at its Sept. 24 event — an alarm, a dash camera and an aftermarket device called Ring Car Connect that will integrate some of these monitoring features into vehicles themselves. And there’s a software API for Ring Car Connect, too.

    These products won’t be available until next year, but Amazon says it’s received massive demand from car owners who want to integrate the same Ring suite of security feature inside their vehicles that they may already employ in their homes. However, they’re not cheap — the Ring Car Alarm will be $59, while the Ring Car Cam and Ring Car Connect accessory will set you back $199. 

    Here’s a deeper dive into each of these Alexa-powered automotive security products.

    Ring Car Alarm

    (Image credit: Amazon)

    We’ll start with the Ring Car Alarm, an OBD-II

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    $70 Million Lawsuit Accuses Don Davis Auto Group of Misrepresenting Safety Features On Toyota Tundra Truck According to Attorney Todd Tracy

    The lawsuit alleges that a salesman for the Don Davis Auto Group of Arlington, Texas, made a deceitful sale and lied about purported safety features that did not exist in a Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

    The Tarrant County lawsuit seeks more than 70-million dollars in damages alleging that misrepresented safety features were used in order to entice 45-year old Todd Arnold into buying the Toyota pickup truck.

    Mr. Arnold suffered catastrophic brain damage when the roof of his 2011 Toyota Tundra Truck crushed his head and face during a minor single-vehicle accident because the truck’s roof peeled back like a cheap tomato can.

    Todd Arnold purchased the vehicle for an employee to use in his pesticide business. The lawsuit accuses the salesman of the Don Davis Auto Group of lying and misrepresenting that the Toyota Tundra was built with revolutionary new “super steel.”

    The salesman fraudulently claimed that the

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