Wholesale Food Supplier Sets Up Fridges To Feed Hungry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — As restaurants struggle to adapt and observe pandemic protocols, one Bay Area food supplier has emerged as an app with a conscience.

Since 2015, San Francisco-based Cheetah has delivered wholesale food supplies to more than 3,000 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, but in the midst of the pandemic, the wholesale supplier has extended a hand to the greater community. The supplier has expanded its sales to individuals seeking bulk groceries, and introduced the #Foodgiving Movement, an effort to feed hungry communities and eliminate food waste by stocking mobile fridges throughout the Bay Area.

These fridges are filled with leftover food from the Cheetah warehouse and are accessible at all hours.

In an interview with Local News Matters, Alexa Weiser, Cheetah’s consumer operations manager, discussed Cheetah’s evolution, the app and the company’s ethos.

Q: What inspired Cheetah to launch the #Foodgiving Movement?

A: Cheetah is

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