FIA and F1 drivers air views on safety car restarts

In a meeting in Sochi on Friday evening, the crash and the circumstances around it were discussed at length, with all drivers able to air their views.

The question of how late the safety car lights should be turned off before a restart was a main topic, along with the unusually late position on the pit straight in Mugello of the control line, where the race resumes.

The consensus was that it was a productive discussion, with all parties agreeing that specific circumstances played a role at Mugello.

The GPDA had previously written a letter to Masi indicating that they were keen to work with him to prevent a repeat of the accident in the future.

Carlos Sainz, Kevin Magnussen, Antonio Giovinazzi and Nicholas Latifi were all eliminated in the chain reaction accident after drivers in the second half of the field accelerated before leader Valtteri Bottas took off.


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