Spoilers – The Carbon Fiber Process

A spoiler is designed to “spoil” unfavorable air movement throughout the body of an automobile in motion. They function by disrupting or diffusing the airflow that passes over and around a vehicle as it passes over the vehicle. Diffusion is accomplished by increasing the amount of turbulence that flows over the shape, “spoiling” the laminar flow, thus providing a cushion for the laminar boundary layer. A lot of times spoilers are added to a vehicle for styling purposes rather than practical ones. They are often fitted to high performance racing or sports cars.

Spoilers are usually comprised of one of four different materials. ABS plastic is most commonly used to create spoilers by casting the plastic with various admixtures which brings about the plasticity of an otherwise flimsy material. The biggest disadvantage of using plastic is its frailness, which is increased with age and is usually caused by evaporation of … Read More

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