Community organizers create incentives for filling out 2020 Census through family-friendly events

SAN ANTONIO – The clock is still ticking. There is now over just a month to fill out the 2020 Census.

The deadline was extended to October 31st on Friday. Still, community leaders aren’t wasting any time, as there are several events happening through Sunday that are geared toward getting people excited about filling out the short form.

“Fuerza Uniada,” which translates to “United Force,” is an organization hoping to ease any concerns people in the community may have about filling out the census, which isn’t reported to customs and immigration.

”We want to make sure that this community understands that the census is a safe process… We wanted to give people a whole day and opportunity to come and work directly with census specialists to fill out this census,” said Jessica O. Guerrero, with Fuerza Unida.

Guerrero spent most of Friday helping to host a mask and food giveaway

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You could win $10,000 in cash, an electric car or an HDTV for filling out your Census 2020 form

MarketWatch photo illustration/iStockphoto

An electric car, $10,000 in cash, a cruise vacation — they’re not prizes on a TV game show; they’re rewards people can win for filling out their 2020 U.S. census form.

With just days left to complete this year’s census, some community groups and municipalities are running contests offering money and other prizes to drum up participation in the once-a-decade national head count, which determines big questions like where to draw congressional districts, and smaller ones like where to put a new McDonald’s (MCD) restaurant.

One national campaign is giving away five chances to win $10,000. Entrants must submit a confirmation code to prove they’ve filled out their census form, and winners are scheduled to be announced during a Facebook (FB) Live event on Oct. 1. Two nonprofit groups launched the campaign, called Futuro Hispano, “to make sure that the Hispanic community has the representation

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