An auction fit for a king

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This illustration provided by the American Museum of Natural History in July 2020 depicts a Kongonaphon kely, a newly described reptile near the ancestry of dinosaurs and pterosaurs, shown to scale with human hands. Kongonaphon lived roughly 237 million years ago. (Frank Ippolito/American Museum of Natural History)

LONDON, UK (WLNS)–The sale of what’s believed to be one of the world’s most complete t-rex skeleton, named Stan, was expected to come in at around 8 million dollars, But a bidding war at Christie’s auction house smashed that estimate.

The auction house offering a once in a lifetime opportunity of owning your own t-rex.
paleontologists discovered Stan in South Dakota in 1987.
Standing 13 feet tall, 40 feet long and with an 11 inch tooth, the skeleton is made up of 188 bones.

But the

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MLM Companies – Is There One That Is A Fit For You?

There never will be one “right” MLM company to choose, merely the right one for you that fits your personality, ability, and desire to succeed. Chances are there is more than one company out there that fits this bill, so don’t settle on the first one you see, either.

Here are a few examples of companies who utilize network marketing, in no particular ranking or order:

Amway – The great grand-daddy of all network marketing companies, Amway has been around for over 50 years, and has made billions plying their products (with help from their distributors), from bath and body to health and nutrition. These guys were doing MLM before there was such a thing as the Internet, and make a lot of their money from people who buy their products for themselves as well as those who take advantage of the network marketing commission possibilities.

Herbalife – These guys … Read More

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