Fix Google Pixel’s Auto-Brightness Bug and More With the Latest Android Update

Google’s October Android security patch is rolling out today. These regular updates patch OS-level security bugs for all Android devices, but this month’s patch also has a number of bug fixes for Pixel devices running Android 11.

For example, take the Pixel 4a. It’s only been out since August, but owners have reported lagging and inaccurate auto-brightness adjustments when in rooms lit by LEDs and other high-intensity blubs.

Some users have also experienced poor responsiveness when using a screen cover on their device. Installing the October 2020 Security update should alleviate both of these issues, plus several others.

Google’s monthly update also addresses a number of security flaws—including six critical issues related to Qualcomm components—so there’s really no reason to dawdle with your download. That, and Google has patched up enough minor gripes that you’ll want to install the update if you use one of the supported Pixel

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Google Finds Fix for Critical Android Auto Bug Caused by Android 11 Update

Google has finally found the cause of the phone call problem on Android Auto powered by devices updated to Android 11.

The company officially announced the release of Android 11 earlier this month, at which point the first wave of devices, including its very own Pixel, were allowed to install this update.

Shortly after the first smartphones were updated, users started turning to Google’s forums to report various issues with Android Auto, including broken phone calls.

More specifically, some of those who installed Android 11 said the phone call didn’t start unless the device was unlocked, while others claimed that the sound was routed to the smartphone and not to the car’s speakers.

Google confirmed last week it was looking into the whole thing, and a few hours ago, the company finally came up with a fix that seems to bring things back to normal.

The issue appears to be

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