Nazi flags for sale at Nelson auction house cause offence

A South Island business selling Nazi flags has remained tight-lipped when asked why it was profiting from memorabilia about the infamous regime.

Lipscombe Auction House in Nelson has three flags emblazoned with the Nazi swastika for sale in its show room.

Each has online auction bids of about $20 to $25 placed on them so far.

When contacted, the auction house said it didn’t want to comment on the flags.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” a staff member said when advised that a reader had contacted the Herald, saying they were offended by the flags.

The reader told the Herald they were “very concerned and disturbed” by the damage that could be caused by promoting Nazi memorabilia.

“It is highly relevant within Aotearoa today after the March 15, 2019, terror attacks, and the ideology that fuelled the attacks, which sadly resulted in the tragic deaths of 51 innocent people

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Tesla share losses mount after $50 billion drop in market cap on Battery Day after Musk flags delay to cheaper cars

  • Tesla lost around $50 billion of its value after founder Elon Musk said  it would take until 2022 for Tuesday’s “Battery Day” announcements to reach high-volume production
  • Tesla closed 6% lower on Tuesday and a further 7% in after hours trading. 
  • Musk said he is eyeing a cheaper vehicle with a target price of $25,000, and planning to build 20 million vehicles. 
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Shares in electric vehicle maker Tesla fell by 5% in pre-market trading on Wednesday, a day after the company saw $50 billion disappear from its market value following its annual”Battery Day” at which founder Elon Musk said customers would have to wait another couple of years for cheaper cars.

At the company’s annual shareholder gathering on Tuesday, Musk announced plans to build a cheap electric car with a price tag of $25,000 that will use significantly cheaper

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