Affordable Housing Lottery Opens for 28 Units in Flatbush, Starting at $2,000 a Month

A so-called affordable housing lottery has opened for 28 units in a nine-story building under construction at 50-54 Clarkson Avenue in Flatbush.

Of the affordable apartments, there are a pair of studios, 17 one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units. Monthly rents start at $2,000 and top out at $2,500.

The lottery is set at an area median income range of 130 percent. Eligible incomes range between $68,572 and $159,640 for households of one to five people.

The building will receive a property tax exemption through the controversial 421-a program. The program’s income levels of 130 percent, which mirror market rate rents and are affordable to middle-income but not low-income individuals and families, were set by the New York State legislature in 2017.

Chart via NYC Housing Connect

The building will have 93 apartments in total. Storage for 47 bicycles, parking for 47 cars, a laundry room, a gym and a

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