Why the Fuss Over Interferential Therapy and What is it All About?

What is interferential therapy?

Interferential therapy originated in Germany and was administered by an interferential physiotherapist originally in a physiotherapy department. In the U.S. it was about 1960 before there were interferential physical therapists using the new modality.

What does it involve?

Interferential therapy basically involved putting 4 electrodes on the outer edges of where a patient was feeling pain. The interferential current therapy consisted of one “channel -2 electrodes” going off and on 4,000 times per second ( referred to as PPS/Frequency/Rate/Pulses per Second). The other channel went off and on 4,001 to 4,150 PPS. The interferential therapy treatment was the crossing of the currents inside the patient which stopped the pain and also provided carryover pain relief following the treatment that lasted for some time period. In physical therapy journals there were interferential articles describing how the treatment worked and why interferential was most beneficial for chronic pain … Read More

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