Review: Oppo’s Reno4 Pro 5G is a good-looking powerhouse of a phone but not exactly a bargain

Are our future top brand smartphones Chinese instead of Korean or American? This week will see the launch of the iPhone 12, expected to sell by the ton-load.

ut elsewhere, Samsung is static in its market share while Huawei — number three in Ireland and number one globally — is now set to struggle with its Google ban.

So it’s an interesting time for Oppo, a longstanding top Chinese brand, to enter the Irish market. Oppo has launched here with two very interesting propositions.

While I haven’t had a chance to look at the very competitively-priced 5G-enabled Reno4 Z (€379), I have had some time with the Reno4 Pro. Yes, it sounds like a 1980s car. But there’s little else that’s vintage about this powerhouse. While I think it could have been a knockout at around €50-€100 less (because right now it’s a little more expensive than Samsung’s excellent S20

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