Suzuki gaining ground on SA sales charts, thanks to these two cars

By Motoring Staff Time of article published25m ago

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JOHANNESBURG – Suzuki has been gaining ground in South Africa in recent years, and now it appears that launching the country’s cheapest car earlier this year is paying dividends.

Suzuki Auto South Africa said it sold more cars through its dealer network than ever before in September 2020, with a total sales volume of 1787 units making it the sixth most popular brand in the country.

There were two model ranges that made up the bulk of Suzuki’s sales: S-Presso and Swift.

The S-Presso narrowly beat its bigger sibling, with a total volume of 538 units, versus 533 in the case of the Swift.

The S-Presso was launched just before lockdown with a starting price of R134 900, making it the cheapest car in South Africa.

The weak rand has since pushed the price up

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