GTA 5 Online update ahead of Grand Theft Auto Heists reveal | Gaming | Entertainment

Rockstar Games has promised a big Grand Theft Auto expansion before the year’s end and fans are hoping for an announcement soon. So far, all we know is that the famous studio is going to expand GTA 5 Online in a big way before the end of 2020. This includes launching a new GTA Online in a yet to be revealed location. The big thing about this is that it could be mean a large map change, or something bigger.

There’s a chance that Rockstar are preparing to release a GTA 5 Heist on a special map, making for a huge change.

Nothing like this has ever been done in GTA Online and the closest we’ve gotten to something like this is the opening of the casino.

But with the arrival of next-gen consoles and Rockstar’s plans to release Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Xbox Series X and PS5,

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Ned Luke aka ‘Michael De Santa’ responds to rumours of a GTA 5 movie

It’s been seven years since the biggest game of the past decade, GTA 5, hit the shelves. After the global success of the instalment, the legendary trio of Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton went on to become canon in the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Rockstar Games’ decision to introduce three protagonists proved to be a major win as the trio are often considered to be the greatest characters ever written for a video-game narrative.

Moreover, since the stupendous success of GTA 5, it was speculated that Rockstar Games would soon release GTA 6, which has reportedly been in the works for quite for some time now. Despite numerous rumours, nothing concrete has emerged yet and in a recent report by Dexerto, it was revealed that a GTA 5 movie could be arriving before GTA 6 hits the shelves:

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‘Grand Theft Auto’ Movie Reportedly In Development; Film Releases Ahead Of ‘GTA 6’


  • Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed if it is working on “GTA 6”
  • A new report claims that the gaming studio is busy working on a “Grand Theft Auto” movie
  • The said movie would be released ahead of “GTA 6”

Rockstar Games has not yet said anything about “Grand Theft Auto 6” despite the barrage of leaks and rumors surrounding the next installment in the popular “GTA” franchise but this could be because the gaming studio is reportedly busy focusing on a new medium for its plan to release the “Grand Theft Auto” film.

A new report from WGTC revealed that Rockstar Games is currently working on “Grand Theft Auto” film, which would reportedly release ahead of “GTA 6.” the site claimed that its sources are the same ones who revealed about “Resident Evil 4 Remake” is in development. This same source is also responsible for leaking that

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GTA 6 release news: Surprise Rockstar Games release could come BEFORE Grand Theft Auto 6 | Gaming | Entertainment

GTA 6 release date news begins with the surprise details on a rumoured Rockstar Games project that could end up coming out before the next Grand Theft Auto game. It’s been over seven years since GTA 5 first came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and it looks like we’re still some way off a GTA 6 release date. With the enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 launching for the PS5 and Xbox Series X next year, it looks like GTA 6 won’t be arriving in 2021 – with 2022 seeming the earliest point it could launch.

And now new rumours have emerged about a secret Rockstar Games project that could end up becoming a reality before the next Grand Theft Auto game is released.

Rockstar fans may end up seeing a GTA movie get finished before GTA 6 ends up getting released.

The rumours of the Grand

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Last Chance to Play in the GTA Online Special Vehicle Work Event

This week, Rockstar is offering players a range of bonuses and discounts on GTA Online’s special vehicles; cars like the Rocket Voltic or Blazer Aqua. The GTA Online Special Vehicle Week event is currently live. However, players still have a few days to take part before it comes to an end.

The GTA Online Special Vehicle Work Event

“Who doesn’t want to whip around the city in heavily modified vehicles like the destructive Phantom Wedge or the hypersonic Rocket Voltic,” writes Rockstar; “Indulge your base instincts and make a little extra along the way with Double Rewards for Special Vehicle Work.”

GTA Online Special Vehicle Week Event Now Live 2

The first feature of the GTA Online Special Vehicle Week event is double rewards for all Special Vehicle Work missions. However, those aren’t the only areas currently offering double rewards. Rockstar is also currently offering players double rewards in all Freemode Business Battles, as well as in the Diamond

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GTA 5 Online Is Offering Double Mobile Operations Missions Rewards

A new week’s worth of bonuses in Grand Theft Auto Online are now available and focus on Mobile Operations Missions. Players will get double the GTA$ and RP Rewards in Mobile Operations Missions, and if they complete any, receive an extra GTA$100K.

In this mode, players use vehicles and plenty of firepower to disrupt rival operations and supply lines. These missions can be launched by first getting a Bunker and Mobile Operations Center–both are discounted this week–from Warstock and then heading to the Command Center. To unlock new mobile operations, players can complete Resupply missions.

Players will also receive double rewards when participating in Gunrunning Sell Missions and the Survival Series. You’ll get a free Warstock Cache & Carry Cap if you play anytime between September 24-30. Additionally, if you stop by the Diamond Casino & Resort and spin the Lucky Wheel this week, you could win a Declasse DR1.

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GTA Online weekly update brings a big Grand Theft Auto reward to PS4 and Xbox | Gaming | Entertainment

Rockstar Games has launched its latest GTA 5 Online bonuses this week and it includes some great new rewards. However, the best have been reserved for those gamers who have invested in the Mobile Operations Centre. The good news is that if you haven’t managed to snap one of up yet, the Bunker and Mobile Operations Center are both available on discount from the fine folks at Warstock this week.

And this week would be a good time to drop some cash on such items as Rockstar Games is offering double rewards and some notable cash bonuses.

Not only are all Mobile Operations Missions offering Double GTA$ and RP Rewards but there’s another 100K in in-game money available too.

This can be earned by completing any Mobile Operations Mission and will be deposited into accounts next week.

For those new to the Gunrunning racket, you will need to head to

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GTA Online Has Double Rewards For Mobile Operations Missions This Week

You’ve even more Double Rewards to consider in Grand Theft Auto Online this week, as twice the usual amount of GTA$ & RP is up for grabs in all Mobile Operations Missions, alongside double payouts in Gunrunning Sell Missions and Double GTA$ & RP in Survival Series, launched via the Jobs Menu or Quick Job function on your iFruit.

To complement double payouts for Gunrunning, you can also get a special discount of 40% on all Bunkers and the Mobile Operations Center, as well as 30% off Bunker Modifications and 35% off Mobile Operations Center Customisations. Head to your MOC’s Command Center, and you can launch Resupply missions for Agent 14.

Any Mobile Operations Missions completed this week will entitle you to a bonus GTA$100K rewarded upon logging in to GTA Online next week, whereas logging in this week will award a free Warstock Cache & Carry Cap. Take the

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GTA Online Update Brings Big Rewards and Discounts, Here’s What’s New

The latest of the weekly GTA Online updates has been detailed this week by Rockstar Games with players able to earn many more rewards than usual by participating in select activities. Along with those standard weekly bonuses, GTA Online players can also purchase a number of different vehicles and properties at a discount for a limited time. If you need some extra cash to spend on those purchases, the same update is offering a GTA$250K bonus if you complete a task within the next few days.

As is the case with most weekly updates, the easiest way to make the most of this one is to play the featured game modes for the next couple of days to get more rewards than usual. Both the Overtime Rumble and King of the Hill modes are paying out triple the rewards from now until September 23rd, and if you get tired of

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