Hang Ten at Herbie K’s

I needed a cup of coffee or a nap on this particular Thursday afternoon when I spotted the “diner” sign. Herbie K’s Diner in Cocoa Beach, Florida to be more specific. But a diner is a diner, right? And diner coffee should be just the ticket to give me a jolt and get me through to nap time.

It was clear on the short walk from my car to the front door of Herbie K’s that Herbie wasn’t interested in being the owner of just another diner. He wanted to own a piece of history. And, even though he was more than happy to have me stop for a cup of coffee, he was in the memories with a malt business. I went from the current stresses of the late 1990’s into the mid 1950’s just by opening a door and walking through it.

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