Badge engineering (sometimes) helps resale value

a car parked in a parking lot: Plymouth/Dodge

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a car parked in a parking lot: Chrysler

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Badge engineering and platform sharing are dirty words in most automotive circles, but consider the benefits of these efficiencies and you might just relish their unintended consequences. Be it the unique-wheelbase Plymouth Barracuda or a BMW crossover atop a front-wheel-drive chassis for Mini, what happens in the market after such vehicles rolled off the dealership’s lot can’t be predicted. No matter, combining Hagerty’s valuation insights and readily-available used car data makes for a fun ride and illuminating ride. So let’s kick it off with something a little unexpected.

Jeep Patriot vs. Dodge Caliber

a car parked in a field: FCA

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Jeep’s branding efforts over the last 20 years created a growing lineup with some less-than-Jeepish products that purists rightfully dislike. Jeep took the Dodge Caliber and made it into a Patriot compact crossover.  It was universally disliked by enthusiasts, but this boxy

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Virtual Event Helps Build Homes for Wounded Vets

The Carrington Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit associated with Carrington Mortgage Services, oversees a military veteran “signature program” aimed at creating mobility, stability, purpose, and prosperity for those returning from post-911 conflicts, according to its mission statement.

This year the charity’s annual golf tournament, which benefits the aforementioned project, is going virtual, making it more accessible to all Carrington affiliates, the company said.

The hour-long virtual fundraiser features both silent and live auctions, addresses from Veterans, and other entertainment: REACT: A CCF Virtual Fundraiser takes place Monday, October 12.

CCF representatives say that this year, like many nonprofits, it is “challenged by the environment created by the pandemic.”

This event will be its primary fundraiser for 2020.

“The veterans we assist through Carrington House and our other signature programs are counting on us to make this event a success, so we can keep our promises to the veteran families

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Wholesale Food Supplier Helps Union City Pantry

UNION CITY, CA — As restaurants struggle to adapt and observe pandemic protocols, one Bay Area food supplier has emerged as an app with a conscience.

Since 2015, San Francisco-based Cheetah has delivered wholesale food supplies to more than 3,000 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, but in the midst of the pandemic, the wholesale supplier has extended a hand to the greater community. The supplier has expanded its sales to individuals seeking bulk groceries, and introduced the #Foodgiving Movement, an effort to feed hungry communities and eliminate food waste by stocking mobile fridges throughout the Bay Area.

These fridges are filled with leftover food from the Cheetah warehouse and are accessible at all hours.

In an interview with Local News Matters, Alexa Weiser, Cheetah’s consumer operations manager, discussed Cheetah’s evolution, the app and the company’s ethos.

Q: What inspired Cheetah to launch the #Foodgiving Movement?

A: Cheetah is

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Roger Falcione Helps Car Collectors’ Dreams Come True

It wasn’t enough, Roger Falcione thought, just to buy an old car. You had to be passionate about the car. You had to be willing to compete for it.

“That was a lot easier to do before the pandemic,” said Falcione, founder and CEO of the Phoenix-based Collector Car Network. “So now we’ve got a new service called”

An offshoot of Falcione’s, the new site offers a virtual auction where you can beat out others who are after the same 1972 Dodge Challenger T/A Coupe you’ve coveted since high school.

Falcione started his first company — a website devoted to auto racing — in Boston two decades ago, then sold it to a fellow in Arizona. His wife liked the weather here, so the Falciones settled in the Valley where, he explained, he “dabbled in stuff” for a while. The sound of revving engines called to him, though.

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