Alex Albon values Max Verstappen ‘not hiding anything’

Date published: October 8 2020

Alex Albon has expanded on the “open” nature of his relationship in the Red Bull team with Max Verstappen, whom he appreciates for “not hiding anything”.

The London-born Thai driver recently praised Verstappen for not creating “politics”, with the Dutchman having also been perfectly clear in an interview during which he said whoever was his team-mate he would “beat them all”.

But although that may not be what Albon wants to hear as he strives to match his Red Bull colleague’s pace, he at least is convinced that Verstappen is not doing anything behind his back.

“Everyone at this kind of stage in motorsport, they keep it to themselves,” Albon told Autosport. “Nobody’s going to be accommodating to each other.

“But at the same time he’s definitely not hiding anything. There’s no kind of political nature about him, not in the slightest. He’s very open

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Man steals more than $4K worth of key fobs from Manheim Auto Auction by hiding them in his underwear: police | Local News

A Maryland man stole $4,630 worth of key fobs and key cards from inside vehicles at Manheim Auto Auction by “stuffing them into his underwear,” according to Northern Lancaster County Regional police. 

Brendan Scott Gilbreath, 41, of Annapolis, Md., was arrested Thursday after Manheim Auto Auction security reported to police that Gilbreath got into vehicles with key fobs on the dashboard.

When security checked the vehicles after Gilbreath left, the key fobs were gone, police said.

On Thursday, security was conducting rooftop surveillance over “Area H” because 44 key fobs and key cards had went missing over the past two weeks, police said. 

Gilbreath consented to a search and an officer found 10 key fobs in Gilbreath’s underwear, police said. Later, during a more thorough search at the police station, officers found three more, police said. 

Gilbreath concealed the key fobs by wearing two pairs of underwear and putting

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