How-To Design Window Signs For Your Dental Office

Dental offices face an incredible amount of competition. Well-established dental offices don’t have to advertise, as patient referrals and established clients bring in sufficient business. New offices, or ones that are expanding, however, depend on advertising to generate new business. Using traditional advertising venues like the media and billboards can become incredibly-expensive over time. To be successful, you don’t necessarily have to aim that big-custom window signs can generate just as much attention for a fraction of the price. It all depends on the design, however, so here are some great tips to help you design perfect dental office window signs:


You’ll first need to take into account your size limitations. Measure each of your office windows individually-they may all look the same, but in many cases they’re different, so be thorough. If you want to cover the entire front of your dental office with signs, create a design … Read More

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