Kantanka automobile building fingerprint car ignition

Business News of Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Source: kuulpeeps.com


Founder of Kantanka Automobile, Apostle Kwadwo SarfoFounder of Kantanka Automobile, Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo

The world is advancing in terms of car technology.

In the same fashion, Ghana’s own car making company, Kantanka Automobile Limited is also bringing in the latest technological advancement in the vehicles they produce.

Recently, Kantanka Automobile produced its own electronic vehicle which is yet to hit the market.

Now, the company is in the testing phase of a fingerprint start and stop car ignition.

People no longer do not turn a key to start their care engines anymore. Now they are using voice recognition and a push of a button to start and stop their engines.

In a demonstration video at the Kantanka facility, a staff member showed how by using a registered fingerprint the car engine starts and stops.

The company is also building a safety prototype in which nothing in

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Ignition Failures and Solutions for Classic Motorcycles

In the quarter century that I have worked at dealerships and owned classic motorcycles one certain fact has emerged – ignition systems fail.

The “How and Why” are often a mystery, even to some mechanics. The goal of this article is to educate you about the function of an ignition, explain the cause of common failures, and review current solutions on the market today.

What parts make up the ignition of a motorcycle?

Three parts: Coil, ignition trigger, and spark plug.

Most motorcycle coils look like a can of soda with spark plug wires sticking out the end. The function is simply to convert your 12 volt battery power to a much higher voltage that can fire your spark plugs.

All ignition systems have a trigger of some kind, either a mechanical “points set” or magnetic sensor to turn the coil on and off at the correct time.

How does Read More

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