cars to import while you can

There are barely more doors on last year’s discarded advent calendar than there are days left until Brexit – and we still don’t know exactly what the plan is. For car lovers, this could be the last chance to snap up a second-hand automotive gem from the Continent while the benefits of EU membership last. 

As things stand, you can import used cars from within the EU without paying either duty or VAT. As long as you inform HMRC promptly, it will leave your lucre alone. 

But should we leave without a deal on 29 March, you might as well import from Belize as Belgium, or Sri Lanka as Spain: in any case, you could end up paying 10% duty and 20% VAT. Put differently, this could be your last chance to snare something special from the Continent without paying a hefty premium. 

But what to choose? There is a

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