Lane watch: Wholesale atmosphere improves for independent dealerships


Fall’s arrival appears to be bringing welcomed relief for independent dealerships looking to build their inventory. Black Book explained why through its latest COVID-19 Market Insights released on Tuesday.

Analysts recapped in the report, “This past week, we saw more independents being the successful bidder. This is a welcome sight as we’ve talked to so many buyers that struggled over the summer to compete with the money the larger buyers were willing to spend to secure inventory.”

Not only are those larger buyers such as CarMax and Carvana easing back, Black Book is seeing that independent stores and dealerships in general aren’t having to dip into the floorplan funds as much for wholesale units.

According to volume-weighted data, analysts determined that overall car segment values decreased 0.66% over the last week. That decline nearly doubled the figure Black Book recorded during the prior week when car

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Control Engineering | RFID improves precision and efficiency in automobile production


Learning Objectives

  • RFID can address some automotive production challenges.
  • Other automation technologies can make RFID more effective.
  • RFID weaknesses can be addressed (see table).

The automobile manufacturing market favors rapid customer responsiveness in a competitive environment. Production leaders have started exploring ways to identify, catalog and deliver materials using radio frequency identification (RFID) to enable faster assembly of customized products.

What are the challenges of automobile production?

Manufacturers in the automotive industry launch new models frequently, which has shortened both product lifecycles and the timeline of upgrades. Producers rely on mixed-mode assembly production lines to provide the high level of personalization and customization consumers crave. These mixed-mode assembly production lines require a dynamic staging process, with a variety of suppliers delivering a high volume of diverse materials on short notice. Manufacturers face cross-cutting challenges in their supply chains, logistics and production management.

Mixed-mode assembly for vehicle manufacturers is very manual

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Fiat Chrysler and GM’s 3Q auto sales fall from last year, but demand improves from depths of coronavirus lockdowns

  • Fiat Chrysler reported its U.S. auto sales for the third quarter were down 10% from a year ago.
  • Industry forecasters expect domestic U.S. auto sales to be down between 11% and 13% from the third quarter of 2019. 
  • Despite the decline, the market is showing improvement from the second quarter of this year, which was devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. 

a car parked in a parking lot: The Key Auto Mall car dealership in Moline, Illinois.

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The Key Auto Mall car dealership in Moline, Illinois.

Fiat Chrysler and General Motor’s auto sales fell in the third quarter, but both automakers saw a significant rebound in demand from the second quarter when the pandemic wreaked havoc on the industry.


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Fiat Chrysler’s sales fell 10% from a year ago, but they jumped 38% from the second to third quarter with 140,265 more vehicles sold from July through September than the previous three months. GM said its sales during the third quarter declined

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