Google Messages app will help declutter your inbox by auto-deleting OTP texts after 24 hours

TL;DR: Google is working on a feature that will let its Messages app detect one-time passwords (OTPs) messages piling up your SMS inbox and automatically delete them after 24 hours.

With the average user regularly accessing dozens of online services and accounts, using multi-factor authentication (MFA) means they’ll often have lots of expired OTP messages clogging their SMS inbox. Although deleting them on the spot (or later) is possible, it has to be done manually and usually doesn’t warrant as much attention as the service/account they’re trying to access.

Google is now working on a nifty new feature for its Messages app that should help users keep their inboxes neat and tidy by recognizing such messages and deleting them automatically after 24 hours. Since OTPs usually expire much sooner than that and have no future use, having them removed automatically is certainly a convenience.

Spotted by XDA Developers in an

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