ABT Makes Facelifted Audi RS4 Avant More Interesting With 503HP RS4-S Special Edition

ABT Sportsline has released a new special edition model based on the facelifted Audi RS4 Avant.

Called the ABT RS4-S, it features a power upgrade, a comprehensive aero package, 21-inch alloys, different suspension options and new interior components. Starting off in the engine compartment, the RS4 Avant’s 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 has been given the ABT Engine Control unit which boosts the maximum power to 510 PS (503 HP) and the peak torque to 660 Nm (487 lb-ft).

These are increases of 60 PS (59 HP) and 60 Nm (44 lb-ft) over the standard car and improve the sprint from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) by one tenth of a second to 3.9 seconds. If that’s not fast enough, the tuner also offers the ABT Power S upgrade which takes the V6 to 530 PS (523 HP) and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft) of torque. Upon request, this power kit also

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9 Interesting Ways to Enjoy Books More Thoroughly

I was born a book lover. I wanted so badly to read at age 4 that I would rip them to pieces out of frustration. I remember my trips to Friends Bookstore where I would spend pocket change for Choose your Adventures and Nancy Drew. I remember my trips to the local library to check out language learning and craft making books. I smile a mile wide remembering the Scholastic book fair catalog my school sent home, full of the thoughtfully selected Newbery Award Winners and books that came with Stickers.

I was and still am a sponge for knowledge and adventure and I’ve never found a more conducive way to learn and exercise my imagination. Books unlock entire worlds for people who otherwise don’t have the means. How powerful is that? If that alone is not enough motivation to get you reading regularly, I am sharing my fun reading … Read More

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