Car Reliability Ratings 2010 – The 10 Most Reliable Convertibles at 4 Different Age Intervals

Convertibles are fun cars to drive. Many people, teenagers to middle-agers, await the first warm day of spring to take a spin through the country, to downtown, or on an outing. And a chance encounter with friends in the city or suburbs will result in a lively and carefree conversation lasting minutes to hours.

In this article, I list the 10 most reliable of these transports to fun from the fast lanes of modern life. I do this for each of four different age intervals, followed by a list of those most consistently reliable convertibles that appear in each of the preceding four 4-year age intervals.

For the age interval 0-to-4 years, the 10 best convertibles, together with their 2010 Car Reliability GPA for this age range, are:

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Lexus SC, with a 2010 GPA of a perfect 4.00,

The V6 Toyota Camry Solara convertible, with a 2010 … Read More

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