Clutch Kit: Will A Knock-Off Set Work on Your Car?

It’s all about the money these days. Everyone wants to get the most for their cash without compromising on the quality of the product that they’re buying. But can you get the best of both worlds?

You can get a knock-off version of basically anything these days. If your child likes a particular toy and the original is too expensive, you will be able to find a cheaper version of it at some other store. If your teenager loves branded clothing, which can be really expensive, you know you will be able to find a cheap copy of it at the flea market. The same goes for handbags, designer dresses, shoes, and pretty much anything you can think of.

Why would car parts be any different?

Cars are very expensive objects and maintaining it can cost you an arm and leg. It’s not surprising that many people turn to cheaper … Read More

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Hydrogen Car Kit – The Shocking Truth About a Hydrogen Car Kit!

A hydrogen car kit is the method of choice for smart people who have taken it upon themselves to become informed about a technology that has enabled them to say ” no” to the oil companies and cartels relentless price increases using the oldest trick in the book – “supply and demand.”

Regular men and women, like you and me, are literally laughing because they have gotten the real story about a fuel source that has been available for decades. This powerful alternative to high gas prices has been kept out of the public eye so that big business could reap huge profits and exercise geo-political power at the expense of a misinformed public year after year.

The fact is that a hydrogen car kit will allow you to run you car, SUV, or truck on a combination of water and gasoline. Do you want to learn the secrets behind … Read More

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Best Body Kit Materials

Body Kits have come a long way since development began in 1961. Today there are many brands and variations of body kits. Fiberglass and Urethane are the two most common materials used for body kits today. Carbon Fiber is another material used in making car body components. Even some brands have made their own materials to make a superior product.

Fiberglass is probably one of the most common used materials when it comes to body kits and other body components such as hoods, bumpers, fenders, and side skirts. The reason is that it’s a fairly inexpensive material to manufacture. Also at a lower cost you can give an old car a new look for little investment. Be careful though. If you are hard on your cars body, then you might want to rethink this material. Fiberglass can be a bit more fragile than some other materials. Curb damage may occur … Read More

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