Bonus cash and RP, property and vehicle discounts

Rockstar Games, to retain and incentivize its existing player base of GTA Online, introduces weekly discounts to shake things up in the game and keep things interesting.

With every such update, certain activities will pay out double to triple cash and RP, which helps reward players for their continued interest in the game. The Podium car in GTA Online was one of the most popular additions in-game in the Diamond Casino.

Gamers stand a chance to win a free vehicle in the Diamond Casino every week, and are allowed one go at the Lucky Wheel Spin in GTA Online.

GTA Online weekly update 9/24

New content:

  • Log-in Bonus: Warstock Cap
  • Podium Car: Declasse DR1

Double GTA$ and RP activities:

  • Bunker Stock
  • Survivals
  • MOC Missions

Discounted content:

  • Bunkers
  • MOC
  • MOC Renovations
  • Stromberg, $1,676,500
  • Rocket Voltic, $1,728,000/$2,298,240
  • Swinger, $454,500
  • 190z, $450,000
  • Viseris, $437,500
  • Savestra, $495,000
  • Rapid GT Classic, $442,500
  • Torero, $499,000
  • Infernus
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Hertz backs new $400M ABS Deal to restock vehicle fleet

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. is backing a new effort to raise $400 million that would allow it to keep its rental car fleet stocked with new vehicles for a return to business once the coronavirus pandemic eases.

The nation’s largest car-rental company filed for bankruptcy protection in May, its revenues hammered by restrictions imposed to suppress the spread of Covid-19, which has claimed more than 200,000 lives in the U.S.


The new securitization deal between Donlen Corp., which supplies Hertz with cars, and Barclays Bank PLC is separate from Hertz’s search for chapter 11 financing in the form of a $1.5 billion loan that will preserve the company until business returns to normal levels.

Multiple lenders are offering to provide the bankruptcy loan, Hertz lawyer Thomas Lauria of

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Settlement reached for Marine sergeant whose vehicle was illegally auctioned

More than two years after her car was towed and illegally auctioned off while she was deployed to Okinawa, Marine veteran Jennifer Wilbur can now shop for a new one thanks to a $17,500 settlement obtained through the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

The Justice Department announced Tuesday in a press release that Tampa, Fla. based Target Recovery and Towing must pay the settlement to Wilbur because it failed to obtain a court order legally required for it to auction her 2011 Nissan Versa. Target must also pay a $2,500 fine.

The SCRA explicitly prohibits people or corporations from enforcing a storage lien to dispose of or sell a servicemember’s stored property — such as a towed vehicle or the contents of a storage unit — without a signed order from a judge. This protection covers all active duty servicemembers, reserve component servicemembers on active duty orders of more than

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New Tesla battery technology will lead to affordable electric vehicle

Tesla’s next-generation technology will see batteries become much more powerful and less expensive within three years.

That’s according to the firm’s boss Elon Musk, who also used the announcement to tease a sub-£20,000 model.

Speaking at the firm’s much-hyped Battery Day, Musk showed Tesla’s new cylindrical cells that could provide five times the energy, six times the power, and 16 per cent more driving range than the ‘tab’ batteries used in its existing models.

Tesla Model 3

The cells would be built into the structure of the vehicle to improve their effect on the weight of the vehicle.

Tesla currently buys batteries from outside sources such as Panasonic and LG Chem, but plans to produce these new spiral batteries in-house, helping to reduce costs.

Speaking on a live stream and in front of 240 shareholders who attended the event in person, Musk said: “We need to make more affordable cars.

“One of

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Vehicle Graphic Wraps

A vehicle graphic wrap is basically self-adhesive vinyl with a design, pattern, or logos printed onto it. After the vinyl has ink applied to it, it is then wrapped around a vehicle. Car wraps are essentially removable car decals. So if you decide to sell the vehicle or just get tired of the old wrap you can just take it right off. Car wraps will not damage the paint on your vehicle, it does the opposite actually. A car wrap will protect your vehicles paint by absorbing the suns UV rays. Over time UV rays can cause a paint job to fade and then eventually peel off.

There are several reasons someone would want car decals put on the vehicle of their choice. For one, it is great advertising. If someone is trying to promote a business, a car wrap is a great option. Something simple as going to the … Read More

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Hertz Car Rental Overview of the Company’s History, Vehicle Collection, Services, and Policies

If you want convenience and reliability with a vehicle on your next vacation or business trip, it’s a good idea to begin with Hertz. The company began in 1918 when it offered a few Model T Fords for rent. Today, Hertz car rental is a global leader in the travel and tourism industry. It operates in more than 150 countries all around the world.

The vehicles are divided up into a variety of categories, such as the Green Collection, which consists of eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles from Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc. If you want a curve-hugging hot rod from Ford or Chevy, perhaps the Adrenaline Collection has what you’re looking for. Traveling with kids or a group of friends? You can book an SUV or mini-van rental. There are also plenty of affordable economy cars as well if you only want the basic.

As with any car rental company, … Read More

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Car DVD – A Transformation For Your Vehicle

Technology has done it again with their new car DVD. DVD systems for your cars have been available for quite a while now, but they are nothing like the new ones that have hit the market. These new players even come with touch screen capabilities where everything is done with the simple touch of your finger.

You can have the DVD player mounted into your dash or choose to have it easily accessible in your center consul. Many of the players have different attributes that can be used while you are on the road as well. Such attributes include Bluetooth capabilities and GPS.

GPS is used as a means to navigate where you are going. It helps eliminate you having to ask anyone for directions or even carry a road map when you are going to territories that you may have never encountered.

After you obtain a car DVD, of … Read More

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Vehicle Lease Takeovers – What Does it Mean?

A Vehicle Lease Takeover or Vehicle Lease Transfer simply means that an individual with a Vehicle/Car bought on lease wants someone else to take the vehicle/car and balance lease payments off their hands, as they are unable to continue paying the lease for some reason.

Some people may think that a person is trying to get rid of the vehicle/car because of damage or an accident and/or the vehicle/car is not good enough. But this is not the case. There are many reasons why someone who has bought a new vehicle/car from the showroom and used for few days or months, wants to forego the use of his vehicle, and tries to find someone else to takeover the balance lease payments, while bearing the loss of a few thousand dollars in the bargain. The reason could be as simple as losing a job, divorce proceedings, moving house, or financial circumstances … Read More

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The Ford Mustang – A True Performance Vehicle

Ford Mustang has been the best muscle car ever manufactured. At present there are three muscle cars in the market which are in great demand – they are Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro. Among them the Mustang is the best rated because of its features and specifications. The Mustang is an iconic car which is known throughout the world. And it is an epitome of energy, power, luxury and interiors. This is a true American Icon and there are very few cars which embody the rugged American individualism like the Ford Mustang.

The Mustang is admired for its powerful engine, interior designs and iconic exterior, stellar performance and spectacular crash tests. The 2008 is a worthy successor of all previous Mustangs the new 2008 mustang is back with its classic bad boy looks. And again it ranks the top. Till yesterday the V8 engine muscle car era was dying … Read More

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Various Types of Car Alarms and Vehicle Security Systems

Thousands of cars are stolen every year; the number of these incidents can be reduced by using secure locking systems. Protecting your car from theft or burglary is your own responsibility. Many anti-theft equipment, security devices, etc., designed as per the latest technology, are available at affordable prices. Let’s discuss about different types of car alarms that can enhance the car’s safety and security.

Types of car alarms

Factory alarms: These are offered by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). These are built in the car at the time of manufacturing the car. They can be of two types: active or passive.

Active alarm: Active alarms require the owner/user of the car to switch them on before leaving and locking the car. A car alarm can be activated using a transmitter button and the choice of switching on the alarm rests in the interest of the car owner/user. One disadvantage is … Read More

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