The 3 Key Ingredients to a Pleasurable Small Hotel Experience in St Lucia

When most folk are looking to get away from it all, from the ‘concrete jungle’ of big cities, filled with pollution, both environmental and sound, they usually look towards the seas. To be more specific, beaches. Prospective vacationers seek the opposite of their current situation. Hence the reason why the Caribbean, especially the island of St Lucia has become a popular vacation destination.

There has been a lot of positive feedback with regards to small hotels. The St Lucia small hotel experience is a unique experience to many visitors on vacation. They just love the quaint and cozy setting. Who would not, especially on this island haven called St Lucia?

Now when visiting St Lucia, or any Caribbean island, as a matter of fact, there are three main ingredients which contribute to a unique and enjoyable small hotel experience. All three ingredients are necessary. Having one without the other would lead to an imbalance. For example, a small hotel might have the cheapest hotel rates, but is inconveniently located. Or, the small Caribbean hotel might be ideally located, but the price is exorbitant. Or, the small hotel might have the most up-to-date roster of activities, but because of its location, entertainment and activity would become an expensive luxury. So, all the ingredients to an ideal St Lucia small hotel experience contribute to the other directly or indirectly.

Ingredient number one is price. This can be a major factor if you are a vacationer on a budget. You want to be able to enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of a hotel, but at an affordable price. Also, you do not want to be counting pennies, because, after all, you are on vacation. Usually, three star hotels in the Caribbean Islands are quite reasonable with the pricing of their rooms, usually providing special rates for the summer.

Ingredient number two is location. An ideally located small hotel attracts vacationers and holiday-makers all year round. A convenient location is worth its weight in gold. Convenient meaning close to the popular beaches; the local St Lucian bars and restaurants and shopping centers. We are talking minutes here, not hours. If you are lucky enough to be in one of the best three star hotels in the north of St Lucia, then the Rodney Bay Village is about a 5 minute drive by car or bus. The Gros-Islet town center along with that its beaches are within walking distance.

Ingredient number three is activity. What are the fun things to do in St Lucia? Where do I go? Where are the major tourist attractions? The hotel must be able to provide the visitor with answers to these valuable questions. Most small hotels in the Caribbean are serviced by scuba diving, hiking and biking operators who would be more than willing to take the visitor on various interesting island excursions. Such activities include bicycle riding through forest trails, hiking to our pristine waterfalls and scuba diving in some of the most exotic underwater areas. Equally important is a means to and from the popular destination. An ideal small hotel is usually partnered with a touring company, so that island tours can be facilitated at a significant discounted rate.

So there you have it. The location and nightly room rates of the small hotel, in combination with the packages for on-island activity and adventure, when in the perfect balance, ensure your St Lucia small hotel experience is a pleasurable one.