The Truth About Auto-Transport Companies

Auto-transport companies are designed to facilitate a

person’s need to transport cars from one location to

another. Whether a person is moving or they have sold their

vehicle via Internet auction, the car can be transported

without adding mileage or road wear to it.

In some cases, it’s just easier to transport a car rather

than make the lengthy drive out of time considerations.

There are some things to know about auto-transport

companies in advance.

The process of shipping a car from one location to another,

especially across long distances, requires planning ahead

and doing your homework. Whether you are a frequent shipper

or a first timer, always shop the price with various

different car transport services.

Factors such as costs of gas, number of cars already going

in that direction and seasons can impact the expense.

The auto transport service will need to know where the car

is going from and to, the make, model and year of the car

as well as when the customer wants the car to ship. Most

transporters will not guarantee exact dates, if one

promises you that then make sure you have it in writing.

All transport companies require a contract, which should be

carefully reviewed prior to signing. The contract will

cover information needed on topics like damage to the

vehicle, delays, cancellation and accident as well as

insurance coverage.

If insurance is not listed on the contract, it’s a good

idea to find out what the transporter offers by way of


In general, auto transporters are safe, trustworthy and the

vehicle will arrive in great condition. However, the

contract stipulates all conditions for recourse, including

reimbursement for damages in the event there are any, so be

sure to look it over carefully.

The transporter will inspect the car upon arrival at either

the depot it will be departing from or when the truck

arrives at the house where it is kept. Either way, the

inspection will note in writing and by sketch, all nicks,

dings, dents and other hints of damage on the body of the

vehicle. This is the ‘Origin Inspection Report’ and should

be held onto or forwarded to the receiver of the vehicle.

When the car arrives at its final destination, the receiver

should take the time to slowly go over the entirety of the

car and verify that nothing is different from the

inspection report. Without this verification, if the

receiver signs the driver’s release form then the

transporter is no longer liable for any damages that might

be discovered later. So make sure the receiver has the time

to do the work correctly.

Auto transporters provide an invaluable service for people

who must relocate cross-country, across stateliness and

even across oceans. There are transporters who will take

vehicles to and from Hawaii, Europe and other foreign

destinations. So whether you are relocating yourself,

selling your car or purchasing a car, an auto transporter

can service your needs.