Three Tips On Choosing The Best Child Car Seat

Child safety in your car is very important due to the high number of road accidents.

You need to choose the correct type of seat for your child, it needs to be installed properly and your child strapped into the car seat correctly in order to avoid unnecessary injury to your child in the event of an accident.

It doesn’t matter how careful you are when driving as you have no control over what other drivers are doing on the road. All you can do is ensure that your child has the best protection.

There are many types of child car seats available making it hard for one to choose the best. Before you go shopping for car seats for your child, you need to have in mind some of the seats available on the market. The right car seat will depend on the age of your child as well as his weight. In addition, the laws of your state will influence the type of seat you will buy. It is therefore a good idea to research the laws applicable to where you live before choosing a child car seat.

The first type of child car seats is known as an infant seat. These are generally rear-facing and are designed to fit babies providing better protection for them. They are also lighter than convertible seats and often have handles to allow for easier carrying. Most of the standard rear-facing child car seats usually hold up to 22 lb. However, there are other types which can hold babies that weigh 30 lb. When purchasing this kind of seat, ensure that you choose one which will accommodate your baby up to her first birthday.

Another type is known as infant convertible. This kind of seat holds children from 5 lb to 30 lb in a rear-facing position. In addition it can convert to forward facing and hold a child of up to 80 lb. This type of seat remains in the car and you will need to take your baby out of it whenever you stop. It is a good option if you want to buy one car seat only and if you want to keep the seat in the vehicle all the time.

The third type is known as front-facing. These are strictly meant for babies that weigh 20 lb and front-facing. It is incredibly dangerous to put this kind of seat in a rear position since they are only designed to be installed forward facing. A lot of parents usually purchase a standard infant seat when the kid is small and then purchase a front-facing seat immediately when the kid reaches the required age and weight.

The last type is known as front-facing convertible. This seat is similar to a front-facing one even though it can include booster seat hence enabling it to sustain up to 100 lb. Front facing convertibles are generally meant for kids that weight 20 lb and above one year of age and are therefore not suitable for babies.

After noting the types of child car seats available on the market, then you can choose one for your child. Here are 3 tips to choosing which car seat is suitable for your child. The first tip is to ask other parents for advice on the best place to purchase child car seats. These parents will direct you to stores they believe sell quality car seats. In addition, you need to read parent’s comments on the highly ranked child’s car seat websites so that you choose a brand that it is the best. With the comments you will be able to find information from real parents on the kind of seats that are easy to install and those that have comfortable armrests.

Secondly, know your Childs weight. Many of these seats as discussed earlier depend with the weight of a child. Thus, weigh your child to obtain the exact weight before doing the purchase. The weights in this article are approximate; each individual child car seat has its own specifications. So make sure you check the specifications before buying. This will ensure that you buy a seat that fits your child and is comfortable for them as well. Check prices but make sure you do purchase a quality seat. To get the best, you have to shop around and establish what bests suits your financial status.

The last guideline while shopping for the child car seat is to ensure that it fits in your vehicle. This is very crucial if your car is small. Thus, you ought to take measurements from off the vehicle seat box and take the dimensions of the space inside your back seat. There are several sites which allow you to enter the car you have and the seat you are thinking of purchasing. From your selection, they will then tell you if the seat will fit in your car. Always make sure that the seat you select is comfortable for your child.