What Is A Convertible Car Seat For Babies

A convertible car seat is deemed to be one of the most economical choices for many parents. This is because it can be use from infancy up to an age where your child no longer needs a car seat. Choosing a convertible seat may be easy at a glance, but in reality, it is not. That is why; it is important that you know the basic facts about convertible seats so that you may find the one that is most suitable for your child.

The first thing that you need to know is that a convertible seat can accommodate babies and toddlers weighing between 4 to 70 pounds. However, there have been products from other brands that can accommodate from up to 120 pounds.

When it used by an infant, it is important to take note that it should only be used in a rear facing orientation. This is because it is the safest orientation because your baby is going to be put in a semi-reclining position where he can safely rest his back with a proper alignment to his head and neck. Authorities even suggested that babies should be put in a rear facing position up to two years old and with this, you can be sure that your baby will not be harmed in any way.

On the other hand, when your baby is more than 40 pounds and 2 years old, you now position him front facing. This makes him more comfortable given that he appreciates everything that he sees while both of you are on the road.

Of course, a convertible seat is not just about orientations and positions; you need to make sure that it has the safety features that you need to secure your child well. One of the most important safety features is the side impact protection, this helps in keeping your child’s body properly aligned so in case there is a side collision, he will not be injured particularly a misalignment of his head and spinal column.

It may also be helpful to choose something with an anti-rebound bar. This prevents the backward thrust that can injure your child’s head. It spreads out the restrictive force during a crash that can lessen the chances of your child in getting an injury. The energy absorbing foam also helps a lot in preventing injuries.

Convertible car seats may also be a great way to save more money considering that it can grow with your child. Perhaps, it is only car seat your child may ever need. You may have to be thorough when choosing the best type though, this is to ensure that you will never to waste your money in buying something that will never be up to protect your child.

It may also be great to compare, side by side, the features and product specifications of different products. This way, you may be able to get the most suitable for your child without compromising the quality. This also gives you better choices and savings.