What Types of Preventative Maintenance Services Are Most Important For My Car?

Transportation plays an important role in today’s progressing society. Without transportation, we would all have a difficult time getting back and forth to work, school or even social events. Car models are constantly coming out with new and improved features and upgrades. It can be a challenge to keep up with the maintenance schedule on your car, especially with these new systems that you may not be familiar with. Regardless of the make or model, all cars have one thing in common- they all need maintenance services in order to uphold their superb performance.

Some examples of these types of automotive services that will maintain your vehicle include: brakes and tune ups, full service oil and lube services, wiper blade replacement, fuel injection services, tire rotation and balance, state inspection services and radiator flush services for your radiator maintenance. Here is what some of these services entail:

Brake Services- They will inspect your braking system to ensure it functions correctly, flush the system and replace with clean brake fluid. If any problems are found, they may also replace your brake pads and cylinders, as well as service the rotors.

Tune ups- Spark plug replacement, done at certain recommended mileage markers for your particular car.

Full Service Oil and Lube- Change the oil, replace the oil filter, lubricate, check the air filter, fluids, battery, all belts, wiper blades, tire pressure, and much much more.

Fuel Injection Services- Cleans deposits and dirt off your entire fuel system, which can restrict the entire flow of fuel going to the engine if left unchecked.

Tire Rotation and Balance- Relocating, or rotating, the tires on your vehicle to promote even wear and extend their life. The service also includes inspecting the patterns of wear on your tires and checking the air pressure of all tires.

Radiator Flush- Draining contaminated fluids and replacing with fresh coolant.

Even though there are a lot of new cars being released yearly, your car can drive just as reliably and majestically whether it is brand new or many years old, as long as you keep up with these critical automotive services for maintaining optimum performance. Find a reliable Car Care Center who is qualified and experienced in providing all of these services. Look also for Service Specials and find a car shop that is affordable with great deals.