12 Most Affordable Cars Ever Made

Frugal Driving

Americans have been fond of cars since, well, the invention of cars. Americans like cars of all shapes and sizes, from the iconic, stylized vehicles of the 50s to the boxy, four-door sedans of the 80s, up to the hybrid and electric vehicles shaping the current automotive landscape.

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We like them so much that as of 2020, there were 286.9 million cars registered in the United States. And due to pandemic travel restrictions that extended far longer than most anticipated, many Americans discovered or re-discovered the thrill of a good old-fashioned road trip.

But while we all enjoy seeing a Lamborghini or Jaguar on the road, not everyone has the means to buy one or, even if they do, not everyone wants to spend that kind of cash on a car. Some people may not have the necessary credit to buy a more expensive vehicle, while others seek out a less expensive base model so that they can modify. Whatever the reason, there are and have been affordable cars from all makers that appeal to buyers for not just the price, but for safety, reliability, looks, and more. Read on to learn about some of the most affordable cars of all time.

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