Rare 1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible

a car parked in a parking lot

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Would you grab this Mopar muscle car?

You know what they say: Mopar or no car. And maybe that’s the answer to this rare 1971 Dodge Challenger convertible listed recently on eBay. The muscle car is still available to bid on, but at the writing of this article reserve hasn’t been met. It also carries a Buy It Now price of $39,995 – but is this Challenger worth that much?

a car parked in a parking lot: photo credit: eBay

© Provided by Motorious
photo credit: eBay

We’ll just be frank here: the 1971 model year was the start of the classic Dodge Challenger’s decline. It was at the same time as most American muscle being neutered in favor of increasing pollution and fuel efficiency standards. For that reason, a lot of people won’t look at this Mopar favorably. A 1970 offers more power and is just more fun, so you have to take that into

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The Saudi Arabia of Lithium Has a Calming Message for Car Makers


Photographer: Cristobal Olivares/Bloomberg

The nation sitting on half the world’s lithium reserves has a calming message for electric car makers: tougher environmental oversight won’t threaten future production of the metal used to make batteries.

Chile’s environmental regulator is working with other agencies to devise a plan for strengthening supervision of mining companies that pump out hundreds of liters a second of lithium-laced brine from beneath the Atacama salt flat. Under pressure from investors and customers, miners are already investing millions to reduce their footprint and they too say that shouldn’t constrain output.

While the main objective is to mitigate the impact on the fragile ecosystem and local communities, the new integrated approach to oversight shouldn’t jeopardize production in an era in which sustainability is a starting point, said Cristobal de La Maza, who heads the agency known as SMA. The Chilean expansion plans of Albemarle Corp.

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While most car insurance refunds for the pandemic have ended, some insurers are offering discounts as motorists drive less | Business News

For instance, Henrico County-based Elephant Insurance announced in August that it would offer a discounted rate to customers working from home. The company said policyholders and spouses working from home and driving less would be eligible to receive the new discount, depending on the number of days driven to work and the customer’s occupation.

“Some part of the work force will be working from home for a while, and as long as they work from home they deserve this consideration,” said Alberto Schiavon, Elephant’s CEO.

State Farm, the nation’s largest auto insurer, started reducing auto rates in every state in May because of changes in driving behavior.

The company said the national average for those rate reductions is 11%, saving customers a total of about $2.2 billion. Rate changes depend on a customer’s individual renewals.

State Farm said its rate reduction went in to effect on July 27 for new

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Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best early Prime Day deals already available

Prime Day 2020 is almost here, after months of delays.

Amazon’s annual sale event has become a marquee shopping day. It’s grown rapidly, in both popularity and its running length, since its inception in July 2015, with last year’s event bringing in over $7 billion in sales. That’s no surprise, though, as it usually offers some of the cheapest prices you will ever see on Amazon.

Although Prime Day 2020 doesn’t kick off until Oct.13 at 3am ET, Amazon has a few things discounted already, to help drum up interest. The deals include Amazon’s Echo Show 5 as well as third-party devices such as TVs and much more. 

ZDNet is rounding up our selection for the best early Prime Day deals, below. 

50% off


You can get Amazon’s Echo Show 5 with Alexa for $45 — half off its original price of $90. On top of that, Amazon is selling

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Early Deals Available Now

Amazon is offering select Prime Day deals ahead of the main event on October 13. The 48-hour deals bonanza for Prime members had been delayed multiple times this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. With only a few days to go until Amazon Prime Day 2020 officially begins, the company is building hype with a batch of early Prime Day 2020 deals to help you start saving right now. Amazon has also revealed a ton of deals that will go live on Prime Day.

This is the second week of early Prime Day deals. Last week, Amazon discounted a 4K TV, the Echo Dot, and the Fire TV Recast. Though those deals have ended, you can now save on a trio of 4K Fire TVs, the Kindle Paperwhite, and more. Considering the first TV deal sold out fairly quickly last week, these deals will likely sell out before they officially

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Best Prime Day 2020 Echo deals: Show 5, Echo Auto and Echo Dot for Kids see big discounts

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide on everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day is quickly approaching, and this year you’ll have a 48-hour window to take advantage of these deals on Oct. 13 and 14. Amazon has already begun a series of Prime Day countdown deals, and competitors like Best BuyWalmart and Target have confirmed discounts during the same window of time, but we can expect the best price cuts to happen on the days themselves. Amazon has already announced some killer deals for Prime Day itself, like a $19 Echo Dot and a $65 Echo Show 8, but a few devices are already seeing their biggest discounts ever. We’ll keep this story updated with the latest deals.

Best smart speaker and display Prime Day deals so far

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

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LMP Automotive Holdings, Inc. Announces Entry Into a Definitive Agreement for the Acquisition …

  • Upon closing and combined with our currently contracted acquisitions, LMP’s revenues are expected to exceed $2.2B on an annualized basis in 2021, with approximately $70M in pre-tax income and expected net income of $4.59 per share, which would likely make LMP a newcomer to the Fortune 1000 list of companies with over 1,600 employees;
  • Real estate leased with an option to purchase;
  • Expands its world class management team;
  • Unique New York dominant platform with accelerating organic year-over-year annualized income growth of over 20%;
  • Significant increase in online-originated orders with efficient touchless delivery and lower SG&A costs associated with the online and fulfillment elements due to Atlantic’s concentrated, clustered presence in New York along with its logistics network;
  • Atlantic Central Storage has storage capacity of approximately 7,000 vehicles in New York and operates a fleet of 15 multivehicle car transporters with capacity to efficiently transport approximately 5,800 vehicles a month on
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Elgin car wash plans Tunnel of Terror

Have you always loved Halloween and haunted houses, but are in fear of COVID germs? Brittain’s Car Wash says it will be taken over by lost souls, goblins and other spooky spirits when it becomes a Tunnel of Terror from 6 to 10 p.m. Oct. 28 to 31.

Tickets are $20 per car and includes Brittain’s top-of-the-line car wash full of special effects, frights and fun, with $5 of each entry going to Food for Greater Elgin to help people with food insecurity in the Elgin area.



“It is an amazing organization that is feeding 20% more people during COVID-19 than we have in the past, so we really wanted to give the community something fun to do, but also help people in need,” said car wash owners Mike and Laurel Warren.


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The Tech That Might Help Cyclists and Cars Coexist Safely

On the desolate streets of Manhattan during the bleak early days of the pandemic, Rosemary Sigelbaum found that riding a bicycle to work at Lenox Hill Hospital offered a desperately needed respite from the stress of 12-hour days witnessing the worst of the coronavirus’s frightening effects.

“It was quiet, and on my way home it gave me time to decompress,” Ms. Sigelbaum said of her commute between the Upper East Side and her home on the Lower East Side.

Those empty avenues of late March have given way to the city’s usual cacophony of traffic, just as more people are discovering the advantages of cycling to work: no crowded subways, buses or shared taxis. Bicycle companies have posted out-of-stock notices for the first time in years. Sales in May skyrocketed 103 percent compared with a year earlier, according to the NPD Group, a research firm.

But as all those new

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Should You Sell Your Car If You No Longer Commute?

Have you thought of ditching your old car? It could be the easiest way to shore up your finances by allowing you to reduce thousands of dollars in annual expenses. Of course, most people own cars because they need them, but is that still true for you? The pandemic has killed the commute for many of us, and you might be one of them—with a depreciating asset sitting on the driveway.

a hand holding a white car

© Photo: aphrodite74 (Getty Images)

Should You Let Your Insurance Company Track Your Driving?


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Cars are expensive 

Transportation is a typical household’s second-largest expense after housing. When you include fuel prices, repairs, insurance rates, license/registration, taxes, depreciation, and finance charges, the average annual cost that people spend on their car is $9,282, according to AAA.

Of course, if you own an old clunker you likely spend much less. You’re also paying less insurance because of depreciation, but

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