6 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Townhouse

When it comes to residential properties, townhouses remain a favorite due to their affordability and expansive floor areas suitable for small to mid-sized families. They also combine a suburban neighborhood’s remoteness with the sophisticated city, making them ideal for families who want privacy and access to prime locations. 

And just like any property, there are questions you might want to ask yourself before you invest. Here are six things you need to take note of before you invest in a townhome.

Know the Costs of Townhomes in Your Area

Townhouses are known to be affordable compared to single-detached houses. They are more spacious than condo or apartment units. However, the prices of townhouses may still vary depending on their location. For example, a townhouse sold in an exclusive village in Quezon City may be relatively more expensive than a townhouse in Caloocan. Expect townhomes in commercial areas to be pricier Read More

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