3000gt Body Kits – Spice Up the Appearance of Your Ride

When it comes to cars, what you ride tells a lot about you. Owning a Mitsubishi 3000GT can either make you look like a bum that didn’t have enough money to buy a new sports car, or can make you look as an enthusiast that knows exactly what the value of the car they bought is. By adding one of the many 3000GT body kits available you will be one of the ones that know the importance of upgrading your car. If your car has chipped paint and if the ride isn’t well taken care off then most likely you went for a bargain, so you won’t make a good impression. But, if you have a car that’s kept clean and shining, then you send the message of someone that knows exactly what he’s buying. Even if it’s not one of the latest models its well worth its money.

If your car doesn’t look good or if it looks good but has that factory-default look, then you can use body-kits to spice up the appearance of your ride. The difference will be enormous, and you won’t have to spend a fortune either. Plus tuned cars are really popular today and a body kit doesn’t only allow you to give it a tuned car look, but also enhances your ride.

When it comes to the 3000GT body kits, they have two benefits: looks and aerodynamics. What most people don’t realize is that all the nice cars with aggressive looks the movies depicted, were basically street racing cars. They don’t necessarily look that good, but drive well. If you have a car that can go 150 in a heartbeat you got to know that you can control it. Good car aerodynamics is provided by body kits that help improve the air flow. Also, they give more down force to your ride, which basically means that the faster it goes, the more down force will help the car stay on the road by pushing it down, thus preventing it from going out of control or skidding.

When it comes to changing the appearance of your ride using a body kit, there are plenty of choices and options, which will ensure that your car will be unique and will make a statement. Some 3000GT body kits include side skirts, rear and front bumpers, spoilers, wings and roof scoops. Depending on what type of body kit you choose, your kit might also include customized fenders, mags, hoods, windows and side mirrors. The customization doesn’t stop here: you can also customize your doors – if you want a scissor type door that opens upwards, then you simply have to buy a scissor door body kit.

Of course, if you really want to make your car look like a street racing car, you can get some custom paint and some vinyl that will give it a racy look. However, keep in mind that body kits won’t enhance your car’s performance overall – they will just enhance the aerodynamics of your car. If you want a faster ride, then you have to tune your engine and get other performance enhancers like nitro, better transmission, racing gear box, cross drilled disk breaks and others.