A Guide to Frankfurt Airport in Germany

Frankfurt international airport has two main terminals and you can collect car hire vehicles from either of these in order to make the short drive towards Frankfurt city. Frankfurt has some of the best autobahns in the country and many major roads intersect in this city.

For travellers going from Frankfurt international airport Concourse A it is possible to fly to Dubrovnik with Croatia Airlines, Warsaw with Lot Polish Airlines and Zurich with Swiss International airlines among others. Some of the flights from Frankfurt international airport Concourse B are to Toronto Pearson airport with Air Canada, Tokyo Narita airport with All Nippon Airlines and Rome Fiumicino airport with Alitalia. The major German carrier Lufthansa has a huge number of worldwide flights from Frankfurt international airport to destinations including Johannesburg in South Africa, Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands and Washington Dulles in the United States of America.

It is possible to fly to some unusual locations from Frankfurt international airport as well such as Sana’a in Yemen with the airline Yemenia, Windhoek in Namibia with Air Namibia and Ahmadabad in India with Air India. Once you have arrived at Frankfurt international airport, cleared customs and picked up your car hire vehicle you can head out of the terminal and see the futuristic skyline of Frankfurt almost immediately.

Not all of Frankfurt’s architecture is newfangled though and there are some picturesque old buildings to see in Romer Square which is the heart of the old town.

Frankfurt is situated in the German state of Hesse where it is the largest city. The city is built along the banks of the river Main and it has the distinction of being the financial capital of Europe and the banking capital of Germany.

Not only is Frankfurt full of many well to do finance workers but Frankfurt has a large student population with quite a few learning institutions based there. Frankfurt also has a large and varied immigrant population making it a very diverse city. Frankfurt has an incredible amount of fascinating museums but visitors should be aware that they generally tend to be closed on Mondays, though are open on all other days of the week. Many travellers head to Frankfurt to see two impressive fairs, the Frankfurt auto show fair and the Frankfurt book fair which attract worldwide attention from motoring and reading enthusiasts. The motoring show is bi annual and takes place in mid September while the book fair happens annually in the middle of October.

If you are in town for these fairs parking and accommodation can be a problem. Be sure to book the latter well in advance and consider using a park and ride facility so that you do not get stuck trying to do the former. Parking at the weekend is always difficult and it is worth using the underground garages which are relatively inexpensive to avoid having your car towed.