Antique Firearms Appraisal

You have several options when it comes to antique firearms appraisal. Your first option is to take your gun to a gun dealer or museum. They will have the expertise and reference materials needed to make an accurate appraisal of your investment piece. A professional gun appraisal should involve evaluating the age, markings, condition and model of the gun. When they deliver your appraisal it should come with the supporting documentation that they used to determine the price. If your appraisal doesn’t come with this information then you probably will need to ask for it. The people that are interested in buying this item from you will want to see your appraisal documentation.

If you can’t afford a professional appraisal, or if you just want a ball park estimate of the value of your antique firearms, then you can use reference guides for gun valuation. One of the most popular gun value appraisal books is the Blue Book of Gun Values. The 26th edition of this manual came out in April of 2005. This guide is periodically updated so keep your eyes open for the latest versions. In this book you will find information about how to evaluate markings and how to price a piece. You will also find helpful valuation and collecting information in this book as well.

Another great book to use as a reference for antique firearms appraisal is the Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values. This book was published in October of 2001 and it contains 669 pages. In this book you will find information organized by American gun manufacturers. Some of the items covered in this guide include: information on telling restored antiques from knockoffs, American single shot pistols, American percussion Pistols, American metallic cartridge pistols and American military weapons. Antique military weapons from the Civil War are also discussed in this book.