Army Surplus Review

Army Surplus covers a wide range of different equipment from clothing to vehicles.

The term Army surplus means exactly what it says army or military surplus equipment purchased by the Ministry of Defence to be used by its employees that has become surplus to requirement or no longer needed. These products include all clothing including boots, Jackets, Trousers, Shirts, and T-shirts etc. Normally these products are sold through a contractual agreement with a company to distribute through out its outlets to other retailers or shops including websites for resale to the public or for business use i.e. for the enactment of military events within the film industry etc

Some Army Surplus is new and not used this is commonly known as super grade or new. Used Army surplus is known as Grade one which is used and but not damaged or worn out in any way. Used Army surplus that has been worn out or damaged in someway is called Grade Two and can normally be purchased very cheaply if not for free. This Grading system is mainly applied to clothing and footwear but can also be applied to tents and other outdoor equipment that has become surplus to requirement by the Ministry of Defence or other government organization across the world. Army Surplus is normally sold through retail outlets in the United Kingdom by camping and outdoor specialists most of these stores have websites and a very comprehensive range can be found for sale.

The larger items of Army Surplus like vehicles, trailers, mobile kitchens etc are mostly sold at auction by specialist auction teams through out the world. A superb example of this was drawn to my attention when attending a tiger and tracks day at R.A.F Duxford where they have purchased several vehicles and either fully restored them or are in the process of restoring them. Nearly all of the exhibits are full of Army Surplus equipment dating back to world war one, they even have a Russian Tank that was in service in Afghanistan.The business of Army Surplus is huge and serves the economy with millions of pounds in turnover each year in the United Kingdom alone. Each year there are several hundred events across Europe that use Army Surplus clothing and equipment, from re-enactments at shows of military history to soft projectile games such as Airsoft or Paintball, with clothing being the most popular choice of purchase. Some Army surplus equipment is highly collectable such as swords helmets and dress uniform and are some times sold for hundreds if not thousands of pounds especially if the product is highly sort after or a one of a kind. Some Army Surplus clothing or equipment is superb for everyday work if you have a need for hard wearing robust products, as all Army Surplus products are made to the highest possible standard at the time of manufacture this is one of the Ministry of Defenses requirements when a product is designed for them, so you are more or less guaranteed a superb piece of kit. So there you Army Surplus equipment is fairly priced priceless equipment and in great need through out the world. Many websites are available that sell a fantastic range of Army Surplus.