Auto Accidents Attorney

There was a large increase to auto accidents when mobile devices became popular. People would take calls whilst driving or, even worse, try to send text messages. The amount of accidents that occurred because of this was vast so much so, that new laws had to be bought in to prevent people from doing this, but unfortunately, there are still many accidents caused today because of this since not all people abide by the law.

Drivers who are distracted by mobile devices rather than putting their full attention on the road are fast becoming the leading cause for automobile accidents. The unfortunate thing is that with so many new products on the market, these accidents can be prevented, especially with hands free devices, but still, accidents are happening.

Tiredness is also a contributor to auto accidents. If you are tired, then your judgement is not as good as it would be if you were fully alert. People know that if you are tired, then you should take a break from driving, but people are generally always in a rush, and would rather carry on driving than put safety first. No one ever thinks they are going to have an accident and are probably over confident even when feeling tired, however, so many accidents happen because of this, this in itself should prove that if you are tired, you should pull over and take a break from driving.

It is also amazing how many times women have been pulled over for putting on make-up when driving. It is something you would never consider happening, but it does happen. Someone who is late for work or in a rush to get an appointment and didn’t have time to put on the make-up will do it whilst driving. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you are putting on your lippy then you are not paying full attention to the road or are aware of what is happening around you.

Even such things as trying to change the channel on the radio, or change over a CD can change your whole life if in that moment when you are not fully concentrating on your driving. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen, and it’s in those seconds that you have to respond that if you are doing something else which distracts you from the road, an accident which could have been prevented occurs.

If you have suffered an automobile accident which was not your fault which caused personal injury, it is advisable to seek out a personal injury attorney who can legally represent you so that you can claim compensation. Insurance companies deal with any damage to a vehicle, but not if you suffer any damage yourself. This is where an injury lawyer can come in and work on your behalf, who knows the law and can create a case for you to reclaim for any damages.