C8 Corvette Coupe vs Convertible? Which One is Best for YOU?

C8 Coupe and Convertible

You would be foolish to buy a new Corvette coupe instead of the convertible. Or is it the other way around? We examine each choice.

First things first, if you are ordering a new C8 Corvette it is impossible to make a bad choice. Well, maybe an orange car with red interior, red fender hash stripes and yellow brake calipers would be a bad choice. However, even with a questionable color scheme you would still have a hell of a performance car. Also, if you are not happy with the color, you could always wrap it and get anything you want. Of much more importance to the overall driving experience is the body style you select. Will you go for the full open-air experience of the convertible or are you more of the buttoned-down coupe type?

This is a big decision. Unlike paint which you can wrap, you cannot easily make a coupe into a convertible and vice versa. We are here to help you navigate this type of first world problem. Below you will find a list of reasons why you should consider each variant. At the end of the day the only true answer is of course to pick up one of each. Chevrolet will thank you. However, if you are not in such a fortunate position, we hope you find the below helpful.

Advantage Coupe – The Coupe is Cheaper

C8 Coupe

Depending on the trim level you are looking at saving roughly $7,000 buying the coupe instead of the convertible. That is seven grand you can spend on the Z51 performance package along with the magnetic suspension. So, you basically have a fully Z51 equipped coupe for the price of the base convertible. You could also simply save the money and invest it elsewhere. That is pretty boring though, and you know you want that Z51 package. Score one for the coupe.

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