Car Audio Amplifiers

Car audio amplifiers, to a large extent, determine the final audio output of your car audio. Selecting a location for the amplifier is therefore of great importance. Select a location that has good air circulation. It could be in the trunk or under a seat. It is always recommended that you use cables with larger diameters like RCA cables to connect the low level output of the radio to the low level input of the amplifier. Just in case your radio does not have a low level output, you will have to use a high-level speaker output. This arrangement is not preferred by most because of the noticeable increase in sound distortion. This arrangement works best when your amplifier is meant for bass only.

Another thing to take care of is the connection between the power antenna lead from the back of the radio to the amplifier. One can go through the user manual to find out the recommended gauge size for getting the right power and ground cables. It is always recommended that you connect the ground power cables before the RCA cables, to avoid damage.

A good fuse should be a priority for the system. Check the owner’s manual for the proper rating of the fuse. Another important thing to note while installing amplifiers is that to ensure that the power cables do not run next to the RCA signal cables. If the cables are too close, it may lead to unwanted noise. If you have noise you are not able to stop, try using a noise filter. It can cut down the noise to negligible levels. The gauge cables for the amplifier ground or negative and the amplifier battery or positive should be the same.

Try to place your amplifier on some solid piece of metal, either in the body or the frame of your car. This is an important process, because most of modern day cars are built with fiberglass and finding a good ground conductor is always that much more difficult.

Professional help is always preferable when it comes to car audio installation. You can also find valuable tips on car audio installation by visiting online resources on the topic.